Photo courtesy of Gary Orona. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Gary Orona. All rights reserved.
Floor of the Elemental Chaos - Photo courtesy of

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Website et al.

Photo by Gary Orona
I never imagined that after completing the final edit of the first book in the series it would be so much work to get the word out. Twitter, Facebook, Smashwords, Kindle... it's a full-time job to promote a work that I have invested so much time into. Currently, I am finishing the final pages of the web site ( and designing the cover of the first novel. Never judge a book by its cover, correct? But people do, so I need to make it visually appealing and that takes time and effort. I am close though! Then it goes live... As for my blog, I like to use this space to show images that inspired me during the writing of the book. Here is a photo by my brother and master photographer Gary Orona. This is just about as perfect of a representation of the Elemental Chaos I could ever find. Imagine Seth traveling far above this amazing landscape aboard a flying dirigible and mining vessel, the Blood Rock.

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