Photo courtesy of Gary Orona. All rights reserved.

Photo courtesy of Gary Orona. All rights reserved.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Well it is finally here. I pushed the book live to Smashwords and it is available in all formats through that site (including Kindle). I have also submitted it to Amazon Kindle directly, but it will take as much as two days for it to make it to the shelf. It is both a relief, and more than just a little frightening to have made it to this place. On one hand, I have worked for two years to get to this day, and that is exciting and very gratifying. But on the other hand, my writing as a novelist is out there, for everyone to see. What will come of it? Anything? Will people even read it? What if they don't like it? That is where the fear enters. But I'm accustomed to fear as a bed-fellow (read the book to understand) so I'm fine with that. I have published my first book. And now, to edit the second book. I am really looking forward to it. Seth really gets himself into a mess in book two: The Book of Michael. I can't wait to read it myself!!

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